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Arcon Titan 1010 HDTV:250800A0
Arcon Titan 2010 HD:20040100
Astro ASR 1100 Single HD:20110300
Astro ASR 1200 Twin HD:20110100
Atemio AM 500 HD:252902A0
Atemio AM 510 HD:252902A0
Atevio AV 700 HD:20090300
Atevio AV 7000 HD:20090000
Atevio AV 7500 HD PVR:230300A0
Diginor 8800 HD:20260600
Drake 7500 HD:253613A0
Dreamsky DSR-9600 HD PVR:20120302
Dreamsky DSR-9700 HD PVR:20120100
Dreamsky HD4:252002A0
Dreamsky HD6:252000A0
Dynavision DV-5000 HD PVR:251202A0
Dynavision DV-7800 HD PVR:251200A0
Dynavision DV-8000 HD PVR:251203A0
Dynavision DV-9000 HD PVR:20230000
Dynavision DV-9200 HD PVR:20230100
Dynavision DV-9500 HD PVR:20230302
Dynavision DV-9600 HD PVR:20230301
Elcomax Elux I:20310301
Elcomax Elux II Plus:251703A0
Elcomax Elux II:251700A0
Forever HD-7420 PVR:250703A0
Forever HD-7810 PVR:250700A0
Forever HD-8200 PVR:231900A0
Forever HS-9510 HD PVR:20220302
Forsat FHD9000:251913A0
Forsat FHD9100:251903A0
Forsat FHD9200:251903A1
Fortis FS-9000 HD PVR:20000000
Fortis FS-9200 HD PVR:20000100
Fortis HS-9510 HD PVR:20000300
Fortis HX-8200 HD PVR:230000A0
GI S-8290 HD PVR:20240602
GI S8580:251302A0
GI S8680:251300A0
GI S8690:251303A0
Goldmaster HD-1040 PVR:251102A0
Goldmaster HD-1045 PVR:251102A0
Goldmaster HD-1050 PVR:251100A0
Goldmaster HD-1060 PVR:20180302
Goldmaster HD-1070 PVR:20180302
Goldmaster HD-1080 PVR:20180302
Goldmaster HD-1090 PVR:20180100
HD Box FS-7110 HD:250602A0
HD Box FS-7119:270200A0
HD Box FS-9100 HD:20030300
HD Box FS-9105 HD PVR:250600A0
HD Box FS-9105 HD+:270220A0
HD Box FS-9200 HD:20030100
HD Box FS-9300 HD:20030000
I.Com HD-1090P DIVX:251006A0
I.Com HD-9000 DIVX II:20140702
I.Com HD-9000 DIVX:20140300
I.Com HD-9100 DIVX II:20140602
I.Com Twin HD-9200 DIVX II:20140101
I.Com Twin HD-9200 DIVX:20140100
Icecrypt S3500 HD CCI:252502A0
Icecrypt S4000 HD PVR:20080000
Icecrypt STC6000 HD PVR:230600A0
Icom HD-1070P DIVX:251002A0
Icom HD-1080P DIVX:251004A0
KIOWA HD 108:253003A0
KIOWA HD 98:253000A0
MaxFly 9500 HD:20280602
Mediastar (Powers) HD 1200s:20270600
Mediastar (Powers) HD 8200s:232700A0
Mediastar (Powers) HD 900s:252700A0
Miraclebox 6 HD TWIN PVR:252602A0
Miraclebox 8 HD TWIN PVR:20250600
Miraclebox 9 HD TWIN PVR:230700A0
Mirage HD 8600 Plus:253533A0
O2 SRT 2012 HD:20210301
Octagon SF-1008 SE:20020303
Octagon SF-1008 SE+:250200A0
Octagon SF-1008:20020300
Octagon SF-1008C SE+:250205A0
Octagon SF-1008C+:250205A0
Octagon SF-1008G SE+:270120A0
Octagon SF-1008G+ SE+:270130A0
Octagon SF-1008P SE+:250203A0
Octagon SF-1028P Noblence:230200A0
Octagon SF-918 SE+:250202A0
Octagon SF-918CG SE+:270101A0
Octagon SF-918G SE+:270100A0
Octagon SF-1018:20020000
Openbox S4 HD PVR:250902A0
Openbox S5 HD PVR:20060302
Openbox S6 HD PVR:250900A0
Openbox S6 PRO HD PVR:250903A0
Openbox S7 HD PVR:20060100
Openbox S8 HD PVR:20060000
Openbox S9 HD PVR:230500A0
Optibox Anaconda Plus:270431A0
Optibox Anaconda:250100A0
Optibox Gekko Cable:250112A0
Optibox Gekko Plus:270400A0
Optibox Gekko:250102A0
Optibox Koala HD:20150300
Optibox Raptor:231800A0
Powersat PO-1000HD PVR:20190301
Rebox RE-2200 HD PVR:250302A0
Rebox RE-4000 HD PVR:20010300
Rebox RE-4200 HD PVR:250300A0
Rebox RE-8000 HD:20010100
Rebox RE-8500 HD PVR:230100A0
Rebox RE-9000 HD:20010000
SkyS@t Classic HD PVR:252200A0
SkyS@t Mini HD PVR:252202A0
SkyS@t Royal HD PVR:231500A0
Skytec Blackbox:232100A0
Skytec Jobi:272400A0
Skytec Kleio:272420A0
Skytec Nerine:272431A0
Skytec Royal:231500A0
Skyway Classic II:250503A0
Skyway Classic:20130302
Skyway Diamond:20130000
Skyway Droid:230400A0
Skyway LIGHT:250502A0
Skyway Nano 2:270600A0
Skyway Nano:250500A0
Skyway Platinum:20130100
Star Track SRT 2010 HD:20210302
Star Track SRT 2014 HD:252300A0
Starsat 9900 HD:253513A0
SuperBox PRO HD 9618:251403A0
SuperBox PRO HD 9818:231600A0
SuperBox SX 9518 HD:20300302
Supermax 7100:252102A0
Tiviar F1 HD PVR:20070000
Tiviar S1 eco HD PVR:20070300
Tiviar T1 HD PVR:20070100
UltraPlus 900 HD PVR:250400A0
UltraPlus 980 HD:20050300
UltraPlus F-9000 HD:20050000
UltraPlus X-9200 HD PVR:231200A0
Vegasat X1:252802A0
VisionNet FS-9510 HD PVR:20170302
XCruiser XDSR 380 HD Plus:270310A0
XCruiser XDSR 380 HD:251802A0
XCruiser XDSR 385 HD:270300A0
XCruiser XDSR 390 HD:270331A1
XCruiser XDSR 400 HD NAND:270330A1
XCruiser XDSR 400 HD PLUS:251803A0
XCruiser XDSR 400 HD:20160302
XCruiser XDSR 420 HD:270330A0
XCruiser XDSR 600 HD:230900A0
Xspeed HD-9500 DIVX II:20140612
18-03-2013 11:26 PM
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16-02-2014 09:48 PM
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good share sathya sir

Come on

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C Band : Intelsat 17, Intelsat 20,
Ku Band: Insat 4B, NSS 6
My STB: Solid 2100 S2, Dish Tv & Sun direct
16-02-2014 10:51 PM
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